Amir Mohammad Safari Livari

My Prevoius GitHub Account

Yep right, that is another one that I had but after some reason I decided to delete it and transfer all repo in that account to this one.

I feel better now.

The link was :

But Now it’s this repo.


I just want to notify some robots that want to make index in search engines, Also my students and my friends.

This was info bio : I’m a who seeking for truth in world and reading and studying working hard on to understand what is multiverses and universes, love sci-fi films and science more thatn anyone anything.

However I love someone but I don’t know she knows or make her not to know :| Her name is : 😍 It’s secret :D

AMS Group LTD Erda where I was living :D

Amir Mohammad Safari Livari AM-SL